Drug Abuse in Deerfield Beach FL

Drug Abuse in Deerfield Beach FL

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Family Relationships And Parental Drug Abuse In Deerfield Beach, Florida

Drug abuse among parents is a common concern in Deerfield Beach FL and this drug use can have an enormous effect on the family and children in the home. One or both parents may have drug use issues, and this can lead to a breakdown in the normal family relationships. Children in the family may have to take over responsibilities that are normally seen to by the parent. If the drug abuse is severe enough, the parent may become abusive as well as neglectful. The parent is a poor role model, and is often absent or incapacitated when needed by the children in the home.

Drug Abuse Causes Much Higher Risks For Child Neglect And Abuse

In Deerfield, Beach, Florida, the rates of child abuse and neglect due to drug abuse by the parents has skyrocketed. This is especially true with certain drugs, including heroin (find heroin rehabs in Florida) and prescription pain medications, but any type of drug use raises the risks of these activities. When the parent has drug abuse problems often the children in the home become targets of anger or frustration. Because smaller children are helpless and can not defend themselves they often receive the worst of this treatment. The drug abuse causes the parent to act in completely inappropriate ways, often traumatizing and even physically scarring or killing their own child because of the drug use.

When Child Abuse Leads To Death Because Of Drug Abuse

In recent years, there have been a number of fatal child abuse cases in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and often the cause of the abuse leading to the death of the child escalates because of drug use. The parent may start off losing their temper and striking out, and then become frustrated when the child is hurt and crying. The parent may also be fearful of the abuse becoming detected, so they may isolate the child. When a child is killed by abuse, other siblings will suffer a profound loss that will affect them for life. If the other parent is not responsible as well there can be a profound sense of guilt.

The Psychological Impact On Children Whose Parents Have Drug Use Problems

Children in Deerfield Beach FL who have parents with drug abuse problems may suffer many psychological problems in childhood and as adults. Often the children will become the caregiver, and take responsibility for the home and parent, causing them to lose out on a normal childhood. The mental effects of parental drug use is also apparent because children from these homes are more likely to have drug abuse issues themselves.

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