Causes Of Drug Abuse In Bonita Springs, FL

Causes Of Drug Abuse In Bonita Springs, Florida

Drug abuse in Bonita Springs, Florida, has been steadily increasing over the years, just as this problem has been in many cities and states across the United States, but what is causing people here to try drugs in higher numbers? This may seem puzzling, especially when the risks of illegal drug abuse are so high and can be devastating or even deadly? Bonita Springs, Florida, is not alone in this drug abuse trend, and there are a number of different reasons why drug use is tried. Peer pressure, lack of knowledge, self esteem, and curiosity can all play a role in illegal drug use being tried.

A Belief That Drug Abuse Is Pleasurable, Harmless Or Relaxing

getting drugs from a friend

Getting drugs from a friend

One of the reasons that drug use is started on Bonita Springs, Florida,

is because of a mistaken belief by the individual that this activity is somehow fun or harmless. Often the drug use starts with a friend, acquaintance, or family member offering the dug to someone, and the user believes that the drug use will not have a negative effect. Many times a dealer will offer the illegal drug for free first few times, until the user wants more, then the dealer starts charging for the drug use.

Peer Pressure, Abuse, Self Esteem, And Drug Use Factors

Other reasons for drug abuse in Bonita Springs, Florida, include a low self esteem and peer pressure. These factors may be related, because many experts believe that someone with a lower than normal self esteem may be more susceptible to peer pressure. This is true in Bonita Springs, Florida, as well as in many other cities across America. Low self esteem can lead to drug use and abuse, and often individuals who have been abused or mistreated in the past have a very low self esteem. Children who come from broken homes also suffer higher rates of drug abuse, linked to low self esteem and a self destructive tendency because of the abuse.

A Desire To Experiment And A Sense Of Immortality In Younger Ages

One of the most common reasons for drug use in Bonita Springs, Florida, especially among the younger ages, is the sense of immortality and a belief that nothing bad can happen. Many individuals in their teens and twenties feel a need to experiment as well, and this has also led to an increase in the rates of drug use and abuse in Bonita Springs, Florida. Unfortunately the consequences are not considered until it is too late.

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