Coconut Creek, Florida: Drug Addiction, School, and Relationships

There is no question that there is a drug abuse problem in Coconut Creek, Florida, but how does drug addiction interfere with school and personal relationships? A number of problems and issues occur with drug use and abuse, and with addiction the pull for the drug can overpower almost everything else. The user may start to see friendships dissolve and peers slowly drift away. School grades and attendance start to suffer, a fact noted by a number of Coconut Creek schools, and there is a high dropout rate all across Florida caused in part by high rates of drug abuse.

Friends and Drug Abuse

The relationship between peers is complicated by drug use and drug abuse, and this is just as true in Coconut Creek, Florida, as it is anywhere else. As the user starts to spiral from drug use to drug abuse and then to drug addiction, friends may become concerned. Often the user will get upset and view this concern as meddling, and eventually the drug abuse can cause the friendship to end. Some types of drug use can cause paranoia, and may cause the user to view well known friends with suspicion. In these cases the friends will usually stop visiting and calling.

Drug Addiction and Relationships in the Family

The family counseling clinics and professionals in Coconut Creek, Florida, have seen a big increase in drug abuse, and this has resulted in a lot more stress and dysfunctional family relationships. If the parent is a user then children in the family may feel the need to grow up quickly, and take on the parenting role. This is especially true with drugs like heroine which make the user sleepy and unable to function properly. If the user is a child or teen then often other children in the family may feel neglected and frustrated, because the user is always needing attention and creating chaos in the home.

School Concerns

Say NO to drugs

Say NO to drugs

Some of the schools in Coconut Creek, Florida, have seen an alarming rise in drug use, and related violence, criminal acts, and issues among student relationships. Peer pressure can have an effect on whether drug use is tried, and often students will try drugs because they want other students to like them or think they are cool. The attendance rate for students who have a drug abuse problem is much lower, they have lower self esteem, and they have a harder time relating to their peers.

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