Drug Abuse And Illegal Drug Use In Bradenton, Florida

Common Ages For Drug Abuse And Illegal Drug Use In Bradenton, Florida

It is no secret that Bradenton, Florida, is having a big problem with illegal drug abuse, like many cities around the country and world. What ages are affected by this drug use though, and what about programs aimed at drug abuse prevention and education? Bradenton, Florida, has a population of close to fifty thousand people, and teens and young adults are those ages most affected by drug abuse but these age groups are not the only ones affected. All ages can be involved in drug use, from preteens to the elderly, who are often the last ones suspected because of their older age.

Teens And Drug Abuse FactorsGet Help

One of the most common ages at risk for drug abuse in Bradenton, Florida, are teenagers. This is for a number of different reasons. At this age peer pressure and fitting in play a big role in the identity of the teen, and friends and peers are often more influential than parents and other adults. Even when faced with the dangers of drug abuse, teens in Bradenton, Florida, are more likely than other age groups to ignore these risks or believe that nothing bad will happen. The teen years are also a time of conflict and rebellion, and this can also cause an increase in drug abuse among those in their teen years.

Young Adults And Drug Use

Drug use among young adults in Bradenton, Florida, is also a big problem, and a common law enforcement and medical issue in the city. Usually drug use among the early twenties age group is common, and this is reflected in the higher percentage of those arrested or admitted to local hospital emergency rooms from this age group. Although Bradenton, Florida, has a problem with drug abuse among individuals in their twenties, the most common age for this issue is the teen years with the young adult age group running second.

Older Adults And Drug Abuse In Bradenton, Florida

A common belief is that older adults do not have drug abuse problems, but just like many other cities Bradenton, Florida, is proving this belief wrong. Although older adults do not have drug abuse issues in the same percentages that teens and young adults do, there are still problems with illegal drug use among this age group. Because Florida, and the city of Bradenton, have high numbers of older adults, this age group is also a special concern when illegal drug abuse is considered.

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