Drug Abuse and School Activity in Cape Coral, Florida

Does drug abuse affect the school activity in Cape Coral, Florida, and if so how? Illegal drug use in schools across the city has risen by a large amount in the last decade or two, and this has had a negative effect on school activity and learning in the entire city of Cape Coral, Florida. Grades in the city have slipped among students who use drugs, and the days these students miss have increased. School performance and activity in the city has been decreasing significantly, and drug abuse is the cause of it.

Poor Grades and a High Failure Rateillegal prescription drugs

One of the biggest causes of concern with drug abuse and school activity in Cape Coral, Florida, is the lowered grades and the higher failure rates. Students who have drug abuse issues will have grades that suffer, because attention during class and other school and educational related activities will suffer. The user may have difficulty concentrating because of the desire for the drug use, and they may also have problems retaining facts and information during the learning process. Drug use will affect the way the body and mind work and function, and this means learning is disrupted before it can occur, and the result is usually poor grades and a higher failure and dropout rate in Cape Coral, Florida.

Drug Use, Absenteeism, and Extracurricular Activities

Absenteeism is also a problem with school activity and drug use in Cape Coral. Students who have drug abuse problems or use drugs in a recreational manner will miss an average of ten or more days per school year, and these missed days are packed with educational activities needed to succeed in school and at life. Drug abuse in Cape Coral, and the rest of Florida and the USA, has resulted in far fewer students participating in extracurricular activities as well.

A Decline in School Performance in Cape Coral, Florida

Overall school performance in the city of Cape Coral, Florida, has declined in the last twenty years, give or take a few, and this decline is related to an increase in drug use and missed school activity. Entire school populations are marked lower because of the academic failure and poor performance of students who abuse drugs. Drug use lowers the learning ability when the user does participate in school activities, and also contributes to the user missing activities completely and not learning.

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