Drugs in De Bary, FL

How Drug Abuse Affects Employer Business And Image

In De Bary, Florida, employers have learned some hard lessons about the effects that employee drug use can have on the company, and the business image. When a company hires an employee then this individual reflects on the company, and when drug use is involved then this reflection is not positive. A company that has a reputation for drug use may have a harder time finding both employees and customers, and the revenue being generated can drop substantially. Often consumers avoid businesses with a reputation for drug use because of suspected flaws or quality issues. An employee using drugs will not be as careful, and this can cause problems with quality.

The Business Loses Reputation Because Of Drug Use

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Whether a company in De Bary, Florida, has one employee with a drug abuse problem or many, the reputation of the business can suffer if this fact becomes known. Drug users are a higher risk to commit crimes, including theft and workplace violence, and other employees and customers may not want to be around an employee who is obviously stoned or under the influence of drugs. Employees who use drugs may also forget important meetings and activities, costing the business even more in the reputation department.

Business Revenue May Drop

When employee drug use is a problem, many companies in De Bary, Florida, have realized that the business revenue the company sees will drop, sometimes by a large amount. Employees who use drugs are not safe to be around and they are more likely to make mistakes, and this will usually cause customers to choose another business for their needs instead. Whether the company business is silk screening or manufacturing, or any other type, employee drug use can cause a loss of business and the associated revenue.

Business Service Or Product Quality May Be Suspect Because Of Drug Use In The Workplace

Once a company in De Bary, Florida, has a drug use problem among the employees, consumers may lose their trust in the quality of the services or products offered. This is true no matter what city or state a business is located in though, because someone using drugs is not going to be the best person to be responsible for producing car parts or provide cleaning services in your home.  The loss of business because of drug use can cripple a company, so it is better for employers to drug test and keep drug use out of the workplace completely.

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