Effects of Drug use in Deltona, FL

The Effects Of Continued Drug Abuse On The Family Structure And Relationships

In Deltona, Florida, just like any other city, the continued use of drugs by a family member is toxic to the family unit, structure, and relationships. This is true whether it is a parent, child, sibling, or other family member who lives in the household that has a drug use or addiction problem. Communication will break down, because of secrecy over the drug use, and the living conditions in the home will start to deteriorate. Often drug use leaves no time for household chores, and this can lead to unsafe or filthy living conditions as well as abuse or neglect of children in the home. Eventually if the drug abuse does not stop the family unit will be destroyed.

A Breakdown In Communication

mother with addict daughter

Mother and addict daughter

Drug use often leads to a communication breakdown between family members. In Deltona, Florida, when drug use begins family members who have the drug abuse problem may disappear at times, with no one knowing where the user is or if they are okay. This causes worry among other family members. The drug user may often appear surly and uncommunicative, not wanting to discuss problems or ask for help when the drug use spirals out of control. The user may also be ashamed of the drug use, but feel unable to stop, and this can lead to extreme tension in the home that affects all family members.

Unsafe Or Unhygienic Living Conditions Because Of Drug Use

Drug use and abuse in the home and family often leads to living conditions which are unsafe or not sanitary, and these factors can have a big impact on the children in the home in Deltona, Florida. Many types of drugs cause the user to stop caring about every day concerns, such as cleaning the home and caring for the children. As the drug abuse continues the risk of child abuse goes up, and far too often in this city a child is severely injured or killed by a parent or step parent who has gone to far because of drug abuse.

The Destruction Of The Family Unit And Drug Abuse

As the statistics and experts have shown in Deltona, Florida, drug abuse leads to the destruction of the family unit. This destruction can happen in a number of ways. The drug use can lead to incarceration for the parent or older child, and younger children may be removed from the home before abuse or neglect can become severe. The entire family unit is disrupted, and often a drug addiction is very hard to beat once it is started. The whole family will suffer because one member has a problem with drug use.

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