Popular Forms of Drug Abuse in Dunedin, FL

The Most Popular Forms of Drug Abuse in Dunedin, Florida

When it comes to the most popular forms of drug abuse in the city of Dunedin, Florida, there is more than one drug that fits this category. Some of the drug use in this city involves marijuana, but there are others that also cause concern. Prescription drug abuse is common across the entire state of Florida, including the city of Dunedin, and heroine and cocaine in both forms are also used frequently here. Methamphetamine has seen a smaller following, but this form of drug abuse may still occur frequently. The most popular drugs will depend on who you talk to here, because different users will give different answers.

Marijuana Drug Use Is a Big Problem in Dunedin

The drugs used most commonly in Dunedin, Florida, include marijuana. Although a lot of drug use types have seen a decrease across the city, state, and country, some statistics show that marijuana use is on the rise again. Part of this is because many people believe that this drug is harmless, or not really a drug at all. Marijuana use can range across all the age groups and economic lines, and is especially popular with teens and adults of all ages among drug users.

Prescription Drug Abuse Is Common In Many Areas of Florida

Illegal prescription drugs

Illegal prescription drugs

A very popular and very dangerous type of drug use in Dunedin, Florida, involves prescription drug use. Because of the mild climate and moderate temperatures, many individuals move to this state and a large percentage are elderly. These visitors are typically called snowbirds, and they often have a large number of prescription medications. Prescription drugs can include many different types of medications, but the ones stolen or received using a forged prescription are normally for strong pain medications. Although an individual with drug abuse problems may not realize just how dangerous these drugs can be, causing overdoses and even the death of the individual with the drug use problem.

Other Common Types of Drug Abuse Here

Marijuana and prescription drugs are not the only forms of drug abuse in Dunedin, Florida, and there are other drugs of abuse that are also highly popular. Cocaine in all forms, heroine, and meth amphetamines are all popular forms of drug abuse in this city and state, and it even drug abuse prevention and education programs has not stopped these types of drug use. The drugs which are most popular here will depend on the specific user.

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