Drug Abuse in Green Cove Springs, FL

In Green Cove Springs, Florida, drug abuse has started to cause concern among many of the leaders and professionals in the city. Drug abuse has become a serious problem, and this is true all over the country, and even the world. What age groups are affected though? The truth is that drug abuse affects all age groups indiscriminately, from the very young to the very old. The user can be almost any age, and anyone who knows or cares about them can be affected by the drug abuse as well. Some age groups are at a higher risk for drug abuse than others are, but this problem can occur at almost any point in life.

Teenagers Are an Age Group Most Commonly Affected By Drug Abuse In Green Cove Springs

hancuffed teen

Hancuffed Teen

Teenagers in Green Cove Springs, Florida, are one of the groups that experience the biggest effects of drug use and abuse. The teen years are a time for the individual to test out adulthood, and start making decisions on their own. This can lead to poor decision making, and that includes drug use. Peers are also an important part of the teenager’s life, and will often become more important and influential than parents or other adults.

Younger Adults in Their Twenties And Thirties Are At Risk For Drug Use

Younger adults in Green Cove Springs, Florida, are another age group that may struggle with drug use issues. Young adults are still learning and exploring the world, and this age group may try drug use simply to see if they are missing out on something. The problem with this experimentation is that it leads to medical and safety risks, as well as a good chance of drug addiction. Many people in this age group have friends that have drug use problems, and this may encourage drug abuse.

Those Aged Forty and Older In Green Cove Springs, Florida, Can Also Have Drug Abuse Problems

Older individuals in Green Cove Springs, Florida, can also face risks for drug use and drug abuse. As people age, they start to develop aches and pains, and this may lead to the use of prescription pain medications or illegal drugs. Even prescriptions which are valid and prescribed by a physician can be abused, and narcotic pain medicines are the most commonly abused because of the narcotic effect. Some individuals who may be fifty, sixty, or even seventy years old or older can develop drug abuse problems.

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