Drug Use In Fort Myers, FL

Why Is Drug Use In Fort Myers, Florida, Increasing?

The increase in drug use and addiction in Fort Myers, Florida has been increasing steadily over the last few decades, and now this has become a big cause for concern. But why are these rates increasing? There is no single simple answer for this, but many experts have determined that the city of Fort Myers has high rates of drug use for a number of different reasons. A high poverty level, as well as a high percentage of broken or dysfunctional homes in the city play a part, and so does the view that drugs are a social or recreational activity. When family members use drugs this also increases the odds that an individual will develop drug abuse issues at some point.

Drug Use May Start As A Social Activity In Fort Myers

drugs in school

Drugs in school

Drug use may start out with only social use among individuals in Fort Myers, Florida, and the user may be under the belief that there is no drug abuse occurring. While the drug abuse may start out as a social activity, soon the user may find themselves doing the drug alone at home, just to get the rush or high. With continued drug abuse the user may stop care about anything but the drug use, and may resort to selling the illegal drug to friends or stealing just to get money to buy the drugs.

A History Of Family Drug Use Increases The Risk Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

If there is a family history of drug use, this is often the start of drug abuse in a new generation in Fort Myers, Florida. The individual may grow up seeing drug abuse occur in the home, and this increases the risk for them to try drugs as well. The user may think that since a family member has done the drug and did not die then it is safe, bit that is a mistake that can be deadly in certain situations. Many drug users interviewed stated that drug abuse in their home as children played a role in their drug use as adults.

Other Factors That Influence Drug Use In Fort Myers, Florida

Many other factors may play a role in the start of drug use by an individual in Fort Myers, Florida, depending on the age of the user. Peer pressure is a common reason for teens to start drug use, which can quickly spiral into drug abuse and addiction. An unhappy home life or mental illness can also cause an individual to try drugs for the first time, in an attempt to escape from reality.

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