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Drug Abuse And Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Ways That Drugs Enter This City

Drug abuse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has become a major problem for law enforcement, medical professionals, and even school districts, but how do these drugs of abuse get into the city? There are a number of ways that drug smugglers will bring illegal drugs into many cities in Florida, including Fort Lauderdale. These drugs may be brought in by boat over the water, using the keys and coastline of the state to drop off illegal drugs, which are then recovered by others and sold on the street. Drug use is also made possible buy illegal drugs arriving in the city through the mail, or in packages which are shipped by FedEx or UPS. Drugs may also be transported into the city with vehicles.

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Across Florida Drugs Are Brought In By Boats From Other Countries

The state of Florida contains many miles of coast land, and is surrounded on water by three out of four sides. This makes it easier for illegal drugs to be smuggled into Fort Lauderdale, Florida, using the beaches. The drugs are usually brought in on boats with this method, and they may be pushed off the watercraft into the water at a prearranged spot. Other individuals will arrange for the drugs to be picked up and then brought in the rest of the way. This helps the smugglers avoid any customs patrols.

Drugs Can Be Shipped Into Fort Lauderdale, Florida, By Mail And Shipping Companies

Another method that is used by criminals to get illegal drugs into Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is to have the drugs shipped in to an individual in the city. The shipping method can include the regular postal service, as well as companies which ship packages overnight. Many smugglers may not want to risk being caught transporting the drugs of abuse, and so mailing or shipping a package with the drugs is often used to bring the drugs into the city.

Car And Truck Transportation Into Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Another way that drug abuse is kept alive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is by the transportation of illegal drugs into the city or state using cars and trucks. There have been many traffic stops on the highways in Fort Lauderdale, and the rest of the state of Florida, which have resulted in large quantities of drugs being seized from the vehicles. Often large quantities of illegal drugs are sent this way, and when these drugs reach the city streets they help fuel the drug abuse problems even more.

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