School Factors and Drug Abuse in Hallandale, FL

Drug abuse can have a devastating effect on school factors, and this has been seen in Hallandale, Florida, as well as other places around the state and country. Schools in this city are struggling with drug abuse, and schools from the elementary level up are being affected. Drug abuse will have an effect on extracurricular activities, and the user will normally see their grades and attendance start to fall once the drug use starts. Success in school, and in life, can not be attained with drug use or problems with drug addiction.

Extracurricular Activities, Peer Groups and Drug Use

I don't want drugs

I don't want drugs

Drug use has caused a large drop in extracurricular activity attendance at schools in Hallandale, Florida. Part of this may be caused by the fact that many schools drug test student athletes and certain other types of extracurricular participation, but there are other reasons as well. The user may lose interest in normally fun activities, and instead concentrate solely on finding and using the illegal drug. The peers of the user will start to change, because friends who do not use drugs are usually excluded and new friends with drug abuse issues are brought in.

Grades and Attendance Are Negatively Affected By Drug Use

When drug abuse in Hallandale, Florida, started to increase in the schools, there was also a marked increase in lower grades and more attendance problems as well. Some users may become so addicted that it is not possible for them to function normally without the drug, and school may be missed because of drug use or a lack of the drug either one. Even when the user does attend, the grades received are often poor and the user has a difficult time learning or retaining any of the knowledge offered. In addition, drug use in school may cause other students to be distracted from learning as well.

School Success and Drug Use: Complete Opposites

A review of the school statistics in Hallandale, Florida, show that drug abuse and school success do not go together and when drug use starts then school success often suffers. Students who use drugs often do not go on to college, and many do not even graduate from high school. This can cause the user to barely scrape by through school and life, instead of becoming highly successful at both. Drug use will lower the potential income of the user, and make it hard to find or keep a job after school or once school is finished for good.

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