Teen Drug Use and Family Dynamics in Hialeah, FL

Teen drug use in Hialeah, Florida, has a profound impact on the parents and the family dynamic. When teen drug abuse starts the parents are often not aware of this right away, and the teen will try and keep the drug use hidden. The drug abuse can cause the teen to become defiant and rebellious, or secretive. Parents dealing with teen drug abuse are under a lot of stress in many ways, and this can be detrimental to their physical and mental health. There are also legal and social considerations that parents must deal with when their teenager has a drug abuse problem.

Defiance and Rebellion Caused By Drug Use, And Safety Concerns Parents Have

Teen drug use is not something that is novel to Hialeah, Florida, but this city is seeing a big increase in the drug use rates by teens. Drug abuse can cause teens to become defiant and rebellious against parents, causing an uproar that affects everyone in the home. Parents may feel alone and helpless, wanting to help the teen but not sure how to start. The parent may have tried many different approaches, just to see them all fail. The right Drug and Alcohol Intervention program could be the only solution. Some forms of drug abuse are very hard to treat, and parents may face difficult decisions, such as hospitalizing the teen before the problems become worse with the drug abuse.

Stress Increases for Parents of Teens Who Use Drugs, both Mentally and Physically

heroine and needle

Preparing Heroine for injection

A study of teen drug use applies to Hialeah, Florida, and this study showed that the additional stress and strain on the parent of a teen who uses drugs is enormous. Many parents pray each night that their teen will survive until morning, because the drug abuse is so severe or the drug being abused is so dangerous. Most heroine and other drug overdoses are “accidents” because the user wanted the high and used too much. Parents also worry about where their teen is, if they are safe, will they be arrested, and other concerns.

Legal and Social Considerations For Parents With Teens Who Use Drugs

Whether the teen drug use occurs in Hialeah, Florida, or another city in the USA, parents of the teen can have some legal and social considerations because of the frug abuse. Teens who are arrested for drug use or possession may require bail money, as well as any court ordered fines and costs, and even incarceration in a juvenile facility or adult jail. If the teen is a minor this often means the parents must pay these costs, and face further financial hardships due to the teen drug abuse.

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