The Popularity Of Drug Use In Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, Florida, is just like any other city across the United States, and drug abuse has become a popular pastime for many residents here. Why are illegal drugs so popular though, and why aren’t the dangers of drug abuse being heeded by numerous people? There are many reasons, and each person will start drug use for different reasons. Drug abuse may be used as an escape, or peer pressure may play an important role with younger adults and teens. The instability of the home and the family life is another reason drug use starts, and genetics can also play a role.

The Home And Family Life In Relation To Drug Abuse Risks



Drug abuse in Gainesville, Florida, has become popular for some individuals because of their home or family life. An unhappy or unstable home life, and dysfunctional family relationships, may cause an individual to turn to drug and alcohol abuse to cope with these situations, because they may not know any other way. Children from single parent homes, and very low income levels, are at a much higher risk for drug abuse than children that come from loving homes with normal family relationships and higher income levels. Drug abuse runs across all economic lines, but homes with lower incomes or a missing parent have higher rates of drug abuse according to many research studies and experts.

Drug Use, Mental Illness, And Peer Influences In Gainesville, Florida

The drug abuse in Gainesville, Florida, can also happen because of mental illness or peer pressure. Drug use by individuals with mental illnesses is common, because the individual may be trying to self medicate or eliminate their symptoms. Unfortunately this will not work, and may actually cause the mental illness to become worse instead. Peer pressure can also play a role in drug use, because many individuals do not want to say no or appear scared or uncool in front of friends and peers, and can end up with drug abuse issues.

The Role Of Genetics In Drug Abuse And Addiction

Genetics can play an important role in the popularity of drug abuse, according to some scientists, whether it is in Gainesville, Florida or another city or state. These scientists have determined that some addiction may be genetic, and is related to certain pleasure sensors in the brain. This is not the only reason for the increase in drug use in Gainesville in recent years, but to them it explains why drug use is so popular even though the risks are normally well known. In my humble opinion this epidemic is self created due to lack of moral principles and self discipline and aided by a lack of knowledge about the truth about drugs, lack of strong family bond and a generally lax and uncaring social group.

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