Drug Abuse in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, Florida, and the Effects of Drug Abuse on the City and Residents

Drug abuse in Jupiter, Florida, is becoming one of the biggest concerns, both for city residents, law enforcement personnel, and medical providers. Resident safety concerns have multiplied, and some areas of the city may not be a good place to be after dark, or at all, because of widespread drug use and dealing. Mental health issues are also a concern with drug abuse, especially over the long term. The financial cost of drug use to Jupiter and the city residents is enormous and this cost creates shortages in other public areas.

Crime Rates Have Gone Up In Florida

drug dealer

Drug Dealer

All across Florida the crime statistics have been on the rise because of drug abuse, and Jupiter is no exception. Drug use leads to abuse, and eventually the user must find some way to get money for the drug purchases. Burglary, home invasions, mugging, assaults, and even murder are crimes that have increased significantly as the drug abuse epidemic has swept the city. More law enforcement officials are needed to help control the criminal activity that occurs because of drug use and abuse. Residents in the city do not feel as safe and protected as they once did, because the law enforcement agencies are overworked due to high drug activity in and near Jupiter, Florida.

The Financial Cost of Drug Use in Jupiter

Drug use and drug abuse carry high financial costs as well. Jupiter, Florida, has seen the cost of drugs in many ways, not just in increased law enforcement salaries. The jails are crowded, the court system is overworked, and prostitution is on the rise, leading to diseases and other health costs which can be attributed to drug use in Jupiter, Florida. Area emergency rooms and urgent care centers must provide treatment to everyone, and often those with drug abuse issues will visit these medical providers hoping for narcotics, which can be either used or sold on the street.

Mental Health Factors Concerning Drug Abuse in Jupiter, Florida

Mental health costs and issues are also a factor in drug abuse in Jupiter, Florida. After prolonged drug use, many individuals start to develop mental health problems. With some types of drug use paranoia and even a psychotic break with reality can be a very real danger and these individuals may hurt themselves or residents before they are stopped. Sometimes these issues become severe enough that citizens and officials not knowing what to do commit them to a psychiatric facility, the costs of which are most often picked up by the taxpayers and citizens of the city. This commitment most times is catastrophic or fatal; patients rarely, if ever, recover and most times end up as living vegetables due to the chemical straitjackets and/or electroshock “treatment,” providing a continuous stream of income for the psychiatrists. When the psychiatrists do not get the money they release these patients into the cities creating other new problem—the crazy bum, lunatic or self talking bag lady that we have seen roaming the streets.

The Solution to the Drug Epidemic

The first line of defense is drug education. The second is a combination of drug rehabilitation and education and the last should be policing and enforcing. Obviously the first is the best and cheapest as the problem is eliminated from the beginning. It is not too late to start educating the young and older generation.

The second solution is having a very good rehabilitation program that also educates the addict in all the aspects of the drug addiction and rehabilitation. This should include the returning of self esteem, control and ability to handle daily living problems satisfactorily.

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