Drug Abuse in Lake Worth, FL

Drug Abuse and Employers in Lake Worth, Florida

Employers in Lake Worth, Florida, have been seriously impacted by drug use in the workplace and employees who have drug abuse problems. Employees who use drugs and alcohol are a higher risk for causing workplace accidents, and are also more likely to have higher insurance and medical costs than an employee who does not have a drug abuse issue. Many employers use pre-employment and random drug screens, and this also has a financial cost to the employer. Drug abuse has another concern for employers, because individuals who use drugs are more likely to miss time from work and to be less productive when they are there.

Employer Business Insurance Costs in Lake Worth Have Increased Due To Drug Use

The insurance costs paid by employers in Florida are staggering, and much of this amount is incurred because of drug abuse or use. Employees who abuse drugs are more likely to steal from an employer, and are more volatile and can pose a threat of violence in the workplace. Accidents and injuries on the job often cause by drug use, will cause the insurance premiums of all types paid by the employer to rise.

The Cost of Drug Use Screening By Employers in Florida

Money for drugs

Money for drugs

Drug screening in Lake Worth can be an effective way to recruit and keep drug free employees, but this process can be costly for employers to undertake. Each employee must be screened when offered a job, and then again at random times through the year. Some employees also do for cause screenings, whenever there is an accident, injury, or cause to believe that an employee is at work and under the influence of drugs. Each time testing is done the cost to the employer can range from ten to one hundred dollars or more, depending on the specific testing facility used, the type of testing done, and the drug use tested for.

Productivity and Absenteeism Costs and Concerns in Lake Worth Because Of Drug Abuse

Another cost and concern for employers with drug abuse is the productivity factor. Drug use in Lake Worth, Florida, costs employers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, if not more, in lost productivity because the employer either called in for work or they are high on the job, and are far less productive because of this fact. The loss of time and productivity combined due to drug abuse can really add up, and has placed a financial strain on many businesses in this part of Florida and others.

Not everything is lost for the addict, family and society, a good drug and alcohol rehab may be the last resort.

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