Drug Addiction in Lauderhill, FL

Social Relationships in Lauderhill, Florida, When Drug Abuse Is Involved

Drug use and abuse often causes problems and changes in social relationships, and this is true whether the drug abuse happens in Lauderhill, Florida, or another city or state. The drug user often changes peer groups, switching from the usual peers to those that abuse drugs. Domestic violence is also a problem with drug abuse and social relationships. This violence can range from name calling to physical assaults and even murder. Drug use also causes a lack of motivation on the part of the user, so that social activities and friends are no longer a focal point and instead the drug abuse starts to take precedence over everything else.

Drug Use Causes Peer Groups to Change

In the typical drug abuse case in Lauderhill, the first sign of drug use is a change in friends and peer groups. Friends who have always been part of the users social circle become alienated, and the drug user no longer makes an effort to spend social time with peers that do not abuse drugs. A new group of friends starts to emerge, one that is involved in drug use, so that there are no judgments or attempts to intervene and stop the drug abuse by the new peers. The common interests shared with older friends are no longer a top priority when the drug abuse starts.

Braking the chains

Brake the Chains

Domestic Violence Is a Problem with Drug Abuse in Lauderhill

In Florida, just like other states, a big concern with drug abuse and social relationships is domestic violence and sexual assaults. When drug use turns into abuse and an addiction is developed, many users will commit acts that they would never do when sober. This includes hitting, kicking, verbal assaults, and even sexual assaults. Some forms of drug use may cause the user to become incapacitated, making them easy prey for date rape and other unwanted sexual activity from peers or even friends.

Drug Use, Mood Swings, and a Lack of Motivation Interfere With Social Activities

One reason that drug abuse affects social relationships so profoundly is that many types of drug use can cause unpleasant social effects. The drug user may become lethargic or hyper, and in either case they are usually not much fun to be around. These mood swings and lack of drive or motivation can cause some friends to stop coming by at all, while others may end up causing a rift in the relationship by attempting to stop the drug abuse. Users will often not want to go out or participate in any activities, and slowly their old friends drift away because of drug abuse.

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