Drug Use in Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Parental Drug Use in the Home and Family Relationships in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

A big concern in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, is parental drug abuse, and the effect that this drug use has on the home and family relationships. Parents who have problems with drug abuse often cease being the parent and role reversal can occur in the home. Child neglect and child abuse are also a big problem in homes where the parent uses drugs. Drug use and good parenting skills do not go together, and these homes are usually highly dysfunctional and often result in children with mental health issues due to the parental drug abuse.

The Link between Parental Drug Abuse and Child Abuse in Florida

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In Florida, and in most other states in the United States, drug abuse is responsible for an alarming rise in the rates of child abuse and neglect, sometimes with horrendous results. In recent years the news headlines have been filled with child abuse which often verges on torture, and drug abuse is usually blamed for the actions of the parents. The drug use numbs the emotions and the ability to think clearly, and to control anger. When the drugs run out, the parent may be on edge and more prone to snap and lash out, resulting in an injured or murdered child.

Role Reversal with Drug Use in Lauderdale Lakes

Often in homes where the parent has an issue with drug abuse role reversal happens, and the children in the home are placed in the position of the parent. The child may be expected to take care of the home and siblings, and may feel a responsibility to take care of the parent using drugs as well. The drug use causes the parent to become incapable of acting the part, and can even affect the ability of the parent to think clearly or provide for the children in the home in any way.

Neglect and Drug Abuse

Drug abuse by parents in the home usually leads to neglect, even if other forms of child abuse are not present. Housework in Lauderdale Lakes is usually left undone in these homes, and the atmosphere may be cluttered, filthy, or unsanitary, because the normal upkeep and cleaning chores are not being done. Children may go without sufficient food, clothing or supervision, and are often left to fend for themselves even at very young ages. Some drug abusing parents will leave toddlers and even infants alone for hours while searching for drugs, creating a dangerous situation.

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