Drug Use in the Workplace in Kendall, FL

Age and Drug Use in the Workplace in Kendall, Florida

When it comes to drug use at work in Kendall, Florida, this city has the same problems that others do. Drug abuse in the workplace crosses all age groups, from younger people who have just reached the age to be eligible to work all the way through senior citizens who work part time. The drugs abused in the workplace cross the spectrum, from marijuana to cocaine, as well as methamphetamine and others. Employees fired for drug use at work in Kendall range from teenagers all the way up to older adults, and they were from a wide variety of positions and jobs.

Younger Adults Are a Greater Risk for Workplace Drug Use

illegal prescription drugs

Illegal prescription drugs

When it comes to using drugs and drug abuse in Florida, and the other forty nine states as well, younger adults seem to be at a higher risk of this activity on the job. Random drug testing and pre-employment screening has lowered the amount of drug use by younger employees some, but many younger employees do not consider the consequences of their drug use on their employment until it is too late, and they have been terminated. Younger adults in Kendall, Florida, who have drug abuse problems often, are not willing to wait until their shift is finished, and will use the drugs right in the workplace. In many cases Drug Intervention is the only way to stop this habit and addiction.

Drugs Use, Middle Aged Adults, and the Workplace in Kendall, Florida

Middle aged adults may also have drug use problems in the workplace in Kendall, and many other cities across the USA. These individuals may have developed a drug abuse habit that they can not kick, and a high tolerance which means drug use frequently through the day. Drug use in middle age has become more common today, and this increase has spilled over into the workplace as well. Individuals in this age range also have a tendency to self medicate, which can be dangerous in many workplace situations.

Older Adults in Florida Are Not Exempt From Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Older adults are not exempt from drug abuse problems in the workplace, whether it is in Kendall, Florida, or in another location. Individuals in their fifties, sixties, and beyond who still work can have drug abuse problems which may not always be evident. One big problem with this age group is the misuse of legitimate prescription drugs in the workplace, such as narcotic pain medications. Illegal drug abuse is also a problem, and many employees in this age group may justify their drug use with their age as the reasoning.

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