Drugs in Kissimmee, FL

Workplace Accidents in Kissimmee, Florida, Due To Drug Use

Each year there are a number of workplace accidents in Kissimmee, Florida, which are caused by drug abuse and illegal drug use. These accidents in the workplace usually range from mild to severe, and in some cases have even led to the death of the employee in extreme circumstances. Drug use on the job impairs concentration and the ability to think clearly, and in many occupations drug abuse in the workplace can result in devastating or even fatal injuries. In some cases, if drug use is confirmed then the liability of the employer and their insurance for the workplace injury may be very limited.

Drug Use in Kissimmee and Minor Injuries at Work



Many of the drug abuse related injuries in the workplace in Kissimmee are minor, and do not involve permanent or disfiguring injuries. Drug use can cause trips and falls, strains and tissue tears, cuts, abrasions, and other injuries. Stitches or staples may be required, and in some instances bones have been broken. The employee with the drug use problem will recover in these situations, but they may be terminated and possibly stuck with the medical bills due to their drug use in the workplace which contributed to the accident and injuries.

Serious Injuries Caused By Drug Abuse in the Florida Workplace

In Kissimmee, Florida, and in most other places across the country, drug use and abuse can lead to serious workplace injuries. In recent years employees who were under the influence of drugs have lost limbs and other body parts, and in some situations severe burns due to employee negligence and drug abuse have been recorded. Hospitalization and possibly surgery may be required for serious workplace injuries, and drug use causes more than half of these injuries around the state of Florida and the rest of the United States each year. Employees have been scalped by machines and been mutilated in a variety of other ways as well.

Drug Abuse in the Workplace Can Cause Death

Kissimmee has seen some fatal workplace accidents that were attributed to drug abuse on the job. Although tragic, employees who use drugs in the workplace can die in some cases. Many workplaces can be dangerous in the best of circumstances, and when drug use is involved accidents happen because the employee was distracted or not paying attention to what was going on. This is one of the biggest reasons that most employers screen their employees for drug use. Employees with drug abuse problems are dangerous not just to themselves but also to all of the other employees in the workplace.

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