Drugs in Largo, FL

The Home Life and Family Relationships in Largo, Florida, When Kids Use Drugs

Drug abuse among kids in the family home can affect all members of the family, from parents to siblings and even extended family members. Kids who have drug abuse problems in Largo, Florida, can create strain in the family home, and communication barriers may be raised by the child. At times the child may steal for drug abuse, and violence can occur against family members and others. The home is in a constant state of friction and tension, making it almost impossible for anyone to relax. The stress builds until it may reach a breaking point. Drug Intervention might be the only solution.

Communication Breaks Down in Florida Homes Because Of Drug Use

family breakdown

Family Breakdown

Homes in Florida, where the kids have problems with drug use, usually become dysfunctional quickly once the drug abuse starts. The child becomes secretive and refuses to communicate much of the time, or else is so high from drugs that communication is difficult or impossible. Often the child disappears at times, without an explanation, and the parents may become frustrated over being shut out when there is an apparent problem with drug use. The communication breaks down to the point where the entire family may be barely speaking, and the drug user will not admit that they have a problem or even that drug use is occurring.

Theft from Parents for Drug Use Can Cause a Lack of Trust

Drug use often leads to drug abuse with kids in Largo, Florida, as well as the rest of the country. Drug abuse can be a very expensive habit to support, and often teens will start stealing from friends and family to afford their habit. This can cause a lack of trust from the parents and from other family members as well. Individuals may start locking up their possessions and money to keep the child from stealing, and this can cause resentment and further problems with communication between all members of the family. Parents may feel put in the middle, because one child is stealing from other members of the family, and the parents may feel helpless to stop this behavior.

Friction, Arguments, and Violence among Family Members Are Common With Drug Abuse

Another concern with kids and drug abuse in Largo is the potential for violence within the family unit. Children and teens who abuse drugs can become very volatile and unstable, especially if the drug use has gone on for some time or the drug being abused is one of those known for causing mental instability. Children have attacked and even killed their parents or siblings because of drug abuse, and parents need to be aware that this is a real possibility with drug use among kids.

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