Employer Drug Abuse in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, Florida, And the Impacts of Drug Abuse on Employer Image and Business

In Lakeland, Florida, drug abuse can have a big effect on the image and the business success of an employer. Employers who are successful have a positive image, both personally and professionally, and they are against drug abuse. Employers who have drug abuse issues will end up losing business, because in the business world drug use is synonymous with undependable and unreliable, and few professionals will utilize a company tarnished by drug abuse problems. Employees are less likely to work for an employer who has drug addiction issues as well, for the same reasons.

Employee Retention in Lakeland Suffers When Employers Use Drugs

Employers in Lakeland, and other cities in the United States, who have been linked with drug use or substance abuse will often have a hard time finding qualified employees willing to work for their company. An employer who is known to abuse drugs will be seen as one who may scam employees or customers if more money is needed for drug use, and this can be very costly to the profits of the business. Without enough workers and/or customers the business may be forced to close, all because the employer used drugs

Employers in Lakeland and Drug Abuse Issues



In the last ten years there have been some employers in Lakeland, Florida, and elsewhere, who were caught using drugs, and these employers paid dearly. In addition to the negative aspects of being seen as someone who has a drug abuse problem, many employers caught using drugs are arrested and face a criminal trial. This result in more negative publicity, which can further decrease the profits the business will see because many individuals will not buy from these employers. The drug being used is irrelevant, any employer caught using drugs has seen a drop in their business very quickly after their drug abuse has become public knowledge.

Business Image and Drug Abuse

As a business, image is everything, and drug use by the employer portrays the wrong image to the public. It is seen as a weakness, and the public and other business entities will usually find another company to deal with instead, because of the drug use and negative publicity. Employers who are seen as soft on drug use, or who abuse drugs themselves, will not usually have a professional image or a successful business. Drug use affects thinking and reasoning, and most consumers and prospective employees view drug abuse as a sign of a lower quality product or service.

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