Drug Addiction in Miami, FL

How Drugs of Abuse Enter the City Of Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida, has a reputation as a city known for great times, partying, and drug abuse. But how do illegal drugs get into the city in the first place? The sad fact is that drugs of abuse are smuggled into Miami every day, and this is done in a number of ways, some very creative. Florida has always had problems with smuggling, because of the vast coastline as well as the number of visitors to the state each year, some of whom bring illegal drugs with them. Individuals may try and carry these drugs in, or they have even tried mailing the drugs to an address in Florida using the post office or private shipping couriers.

The Coastline Is Ideal For Drug Smugglers and Offers Entry


Drugs and parafernalia

Florida offers a large coastline along most of the state, and the city of Miami is situated very close to the ocean. Boats are used by drug smugglers to bring the drugs of abuse into the country and city without having to go through customs and take a chance of discovery. People have found bales of marijuana, sealed packages of cocaine, and other drugs which have been thrown into the ocean by smugglers trying to avoid detection.

Roads Are One Path for Drugs of Abuse into Miami

Drug abuse in Miami is also fueled by drugs brought in by the local roads. Cars, trucks, semis, and other vehicles have been used to try and bring drugs into Florida, and the city. Police in Miami have a tip line set up so that citizens can report any suspicious activity related to drug use or drug smuggling, because drug abuse is such a big problem in the state. Dogs which can sniff out drugs of abuse are often used in traffic stops along the highways in Miami, to detect drugs and prevent smuggling.

Airplanes Are Used To Smuggle Drugs of Abuse into Florida

The airports in Miami, and the remote air strips surrounding the city, have made it possible for the drugs used to be brought in by airplane. The airports in Florida have customs officials present, to ensure that all passengers are screened and that no illegal drugs of abuse are brought in. Small private planes are used most commonly, and at times the drugs may simply be dropped in so the plane never touches down. Air traffic officials watch the radar closely in Miami, but some smugglers do get through, and this fuels the drug abuse in the city.

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