Drugs Abused In Melbourne, FL

The Choice of Drugs Abused In Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne, Florida, is just like any other location in the United States and drug abuse affects many of the citizens here just like elsewhere. The choices of drugs which are used and abused in Florida are varied, depending on the specific user. Some drug use involves cocaine, either in a powder or rock form, while others prefer heroin drug abuse or use marijuana. Methamphetamine are also popular, and prescription drug abuse rates in Florida have increased significantly in the last decade or so. Drug use covers many different substances, but some drugs are more commonly used then others. Some individuals even abuse over the counter cough syrup or allergy medications in the hopes of getting high.

Cocaine Is a Favorite Form of Drug Use in Many Forms



All across Florida and the USA cocaine drug use is a significant problem. In Melbourne, cocaine can be found in powdered form for those who prefer to snort or inject the drug, or the user may prefer crack, a smokable form of cocaine which is usually cheaper. In some areas of the city drug use is apparent, and cocaine is one of the most popular drugs used here. The association with cocaine as a rich or celebrity drug and the closeness of South America to the state also mean that this drug abuse is widespread, and cocaine is widely available when the individual knows certain people.

Methamphetamines, Heroin, and Marijuana Are Common Types of Drug Use in Melbourne

Other drug use which occurs in Melbourne, Florida, includes heroin and methamphetamines. Both of these drugs of abuse can be very dangerous, and not only to the user. Heroin is not just a problem for this city either; the rate of heroin drug abuse has gone up drastically across the entire USA in the last five to ten years. Methamphetamine drug use has also risen, but not as fast in Melbourne as heroin has. Marijuana is also used by many individuals in this city, and the age of the typical drug user can range widely.

Prescription Narcotic Drug Abuse Is Also On the Rise across Florida, And the USA

Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in Melbourne, and the rest of Florida and the other forty nine states as well. Many people do not think of prescription drug abuse as a problem, because these are medicines prescribed by a doctor, but this type of drug use is just as harmful as others. Many ER visits in Florida each year are caused by drug abuse involving medications prescribed for someone other than the person taking the drug.

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