Drugs in Margate, FL

Margate, Florida, And the Effects of Continued Drug Use on the Family

The family unit, and every member in it, is affected if even one family member has a drug abuse problem. This is true all over the world, including Margate, Florida, as well as other cities, states, and countries. As drug use continues over time, communication between the members of the family become strained and may become absent altogether. Family members may speak to the drug user only when necessary, especially if help has been offered and refused (See Drug and Alcohol Intervention). Theft and criminal activity involved with drug abuse can cause friction and tension in the home for all members of the family, not just the user, and can cause a breakdown of trust in the relationships. Family violence is also a very real possibility after an extended period of drug abuse.

Drug Abuse Causes Family Communication and Relationships to Become Strained and Difficult

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When drug use continues over a long time period the communication and relationship between the drug abuser and all the other family members is eroded. Arguments and disagreements can erupt frequently, and in some cases the frustration and feelings of futility may cause family members to take drastic measures to try and get their point across to the individual who has a drug abuse problem. The person with drug use issues can not be helped until they want this help, and this can cause a lot of tension in the home and make communication very difficult at times.

Drug Abuse in Margate Can Lead To Family Violence

In Margate, Florida, just like in every other place in the world, drug abuse can lead to violence. When the drug use continues over a time period, the thinking, behavior, and emotions of the user may undergo changes caused by the drug abuse. In many cases the result is violence towards other family members, sometimes with serious or even fatal consequences. Drug abuse puts everyone in the home and family at risk, not just the individual using the drugs.

Drug Abuse in Florida Can Eventually Cause the Complete Breakdown of the Family Unit

The complete breakdown of the family is usually the end result of chronic drug abuse in Florida, and the other states. Eventually the constant tension and lack of communication may cause the individual using drugs to be asked to leave the family home, so that other members are not affected and harmed by the drug use. Constant visits by law enforcement can also cause the relationship between the user and other residents to reach the critical point, and the family unit may be irrevocably broken due to the constant drug use.

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