Drugs in Sarasota, FL

Drug Abuse by Age Group in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida, is a city that has problems with drug abuse, and the age groups which are affected by this activity vary, covering most age ranges. Drug use affects children and teenagers in many cases, but these are not the only ages which have issues with drug addiction in Sarasota, or other areas of Florida. Older adults may also face problems with drug abuse, both in the workplace and in their private life. The elderly are often overlooked when drug abuse is discussed, but this age group is frequently one that is affected as well.

Teens and Young Adults Are the Most Common Age Group to Have Drug Abuse Issues

Jouth in handcuffs due to drug charges

Jouth in handcuffs due to drug charges

In Florida, just like the other forty nine states, teens and younger adults are the most common age group for drug abuse. This is caused in part by a need to experiment in some cases, and peer or social pressures also play a role with drug use in this age group. The teen or young adult may start out using the drug in a recreational manner, with the belief that they can control the effects and eventual addiction. Before long the use turns into drug abuse, and then a full blown dependence or addiction follows among this age group.

Older Adults Are Not Immune to Drug Use Problems in Florida

Sarasota is a city in Florida which has a large population of older adult, ranging from their thirties through their mid sixties, and this age group also deals with drug use and abuse problems. A common belief is that older adults know not to use drugs, and are aware of the dangers, but the facts show that this age group is still at a high risk for drug abuse in many circumstances. This is no longer caused by peer pressure as much as it is the desire for the feeling that the drug causes in the user.

Even the Elderly in Sarasota May Deal With Drug Abuse of Some Type

The elderly in Sarasota, those who are sixty five years old or older, can also experience drug and alcohol addiction or related concerns. Often the elderly can take numerous prescription drugs, some that may contain a narcotic component. Drug abuse may be in the form of a prescription or street drug. Some elderly individuals may feel that they are old enough to do as they please, or the drug use may start because of chronic pain and the effects of aging.

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