Drugs in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, Florida, Drug Abuse and The School System

Drug abuse in St. Petersburg, Florida, has a dramatic effect on many areas, including the schools and students in this city. Drug use in the schools can cause a drop in grades, because the student with drug use issues may not pay attention, or be able to focus on the lessons being taught when under the influence of drugs. Drug use leads to poor attendance, which also interferes with learning and the ability of the teacher to teach the class. Drugs can cause safety concerns and issues as well, such as students overdosing or becoming extremely ill because of illicit drug abuse while they are at school.

Drug Abuse, Grades and The St. Petersburg Schools

Drug abuse at school causes many problems in St. Petersburg, and one of the most common is a slip in grades that the student is getting. Honor roll students may suddenly start getting low grades, either from not doing work, forgetting to turn in the completed work, or from a lack of trying where school work is concerned. Drug use may make it difficult for the student to understand the instructions, or to retain knowledge that has been given. This change in grades is often the first symptom of drug use by the student at school.

mother with addict

Mother with addict

Attendance Issues With Extensive Drug Use

Drug abuse affects school attendance, as well as the grades the student gets. As the drug use becomes worse the student may not come to school because they are high on drugs, or because they are out of drugs and can not function normally without the substance. If the drug abuse by the student is severe then they may not even want to get out of bed until the drug of choice is found. The attendance of the student becomes sporadic, and often the student is absent as much or more than they appear at school.

Safety Concerns Caused By Drug Abuse In Florida Schools

Drug use and abuse in the schools in St. Petersburg, Florida, causes many safety concerns as well as educational ones. Drug use can cause paranoia and other mental disturbances, and can lead to violence by the drug user in certain situations. The user may become unstable, and some types of drug abuse can cause a psychotic break with reality, or extreme aggression or rage directed at others. Assault, both physical and sexual, have occurred in schools because of drug abuse.

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