Drug Addiction in Apopka, FL

Addiction can cause many problems throughout society.  Drug use does not end at the home of the abuser but can often carry over into the workplace.  Apopka, FL, is no stranger to problems of drug and alcohol abuse.  Drug addiction is a problem millions of people in this country are faced with every day. This problem can become even more serious when the lives of coworkers and others are put at risk.

Drug and alcohol use in the workplace is one of the leading causes to deaths and injuries in businesses.  Drug abuse in employees often leads to disastrous results such as loss of productivity and increased insurance claims.  The addicted employees can end up costing a company thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year.



It has been shown that adults with some sort of drug abuse problem are more likely to call in sick or not show up at all. They are more likely to injure themselves and coworkers, and they are more likely to file claims for workman’s comp.  Heavy drug and alcohol abusers cause a lot of lost time and money to a company; however, these problems are not limited to this group.

In Apopka, FL, managers and supervisors are just as likely to be found drinking while at work.  These employees have been found drinking more often on the job than heavy users. This is especially a disadvantage to small businesses that may not have any sort of drug-free workplace policy in effect.  Businesses like these are a prime target for people with alcohol and drug addiction and the cost of an accident caused by these employees can devastate a small business in Apopka.

In the city of Apopka having a business means your reputation is on the line more than larger cities.  A small business said to be known for hiring employees with alcohol and drug use problems may soon find themselves with more than just the financial difficulties of filing injury claims as customers turn to other businesses for their needs.  Larger business may be frowned upon for not enforcing, or not having, a strong enough drug-free workplace policy in effect.  It is the employer’s job to ensure the safety of all workers and to ensure they have the proper policies and tests to help make this happen.

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