Drug Addiction in Arcadia, FL

Drug addiction is an epidemic in this country, with millions of people suffering from some form of addiction.  The question friends and family members often find themselves asking is “How did this all start?” Drug abuse can result from several different factors and these factors are also important in determining the success rate for ending addiction.  The unfortunate addiction to drugs and alcohol has left many families in Arcadia, FL wondering how this could have happened to their loved ones.

Drug use usually begins because of some form of peer pressure.  The first time a person uses a drug they experience intense feelings they may have never felt before.  Some people can try a drug once and that’s it. Others, however, quickly become addicted.  Most people that start out using drugs do not intend on becoming addicted, however after time, and possibly due to personal problems at home, work or school, their casual use of the drug becomes a more serious problem.

"There is nothig I can do"

"There is nothig I can do"

Behavior changes in a drug afflicted person can have harmful effects on the relationships with friends and family. Family members may find that their loved one suffering from drug abuse has almost changed completely in behavior and personality.  They may say and do things they normally wouldn’t.  They may become angry for no reason or lash out at the people closest to them.

Drug addiction can lead to other serious problems.  A person’s desire to feel those feelings they experience while high can quickly lead them into greater trouble.  Taking money here and there from friends or family soon leads to theft and robbery.  Violent outbreaks may erupt when the person feels frustrated at not being able to get their fix.  Assault and other serious charges, including murder, can quickly escalate in a person with excessive drug use.

In cities like Arcadia, FL, a large population of drug addicts can lead to an increase in the crime rate.   As robberies and burglaries are the two major crimes in the area, this can lead to high statistics in the crime rate and a negative view of the community.  Although the community itself is not bad, cities of all sizes must sometimes suffer through the prejudices caused by addictions and the pain and problems they cause.

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