Drug Addiction in Atlantic Beach, FL

Alcohol and drug addiction destroy many lives.  It affects not just the person who is addicted but the person’s friends and family as well.  In Atlantic Beach, FL, drug addiction is a very real fact of life.  Addiction is defined as any habitual and uncontrollable drug use. This involves seeking out and craving the drug regardless of any consequences.  Unfortunately, the heavy use and addiction to drugs can cause an array of family problems. It can cause emotional, physical and financial problems.

Kids using drugs can affect their lives, their families, and their family’s life as well.  The user is not the only suffering from the affects of drug or alcohol use.  The child may develop violent mood swings. This can stress out family members and even put some family members in a state of fear.  Many families fall apart, parents get divorced, and other children in the family can develop emotional problems because of one child’s drug habits and personality change.

Drugs and Parafernalia

When parents are the ones using drugs it can mean greater risks to the family.  A mother pregnant or nursing who continues to use drugs can develop a baby who is not only addicted to the drug but also suffers from numerous physical and mental defects.  Research has shown that when parents use drugs in the home, their children are at higher risk for developing drug abuse problems as well.  Parental drug problems can often cause emotional distress in a child leading to anger, depression, and other emotional illnesses.

Parents who use drugs are at risk of endangering their child.  They may forget basic care such as baths, feeding their child, or changing their child.  The parent may leave the child alone and unsupervised for hours at a time.  Children may become afraid, harmed, or scarred by what they have seen or experienced.

Family members who abuse drugs can cause an emotional strain on more than just the family living in the house.  Some family members may see it as their responsibility to care for any children in the house. This can lead to feelings of anger and resentment.  Other family members may turn away ashamed of the drug use and unwilling to help.  Each family is different and handles the situation differently.  Drug abuse is just as much a problem in Atlantic Beach, FL as it is in any other part of the country.

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