Drug Addiction in Auburndale, FL

Drug addiction is one of the most emotionally draining ailments.  It can cause a severe toll on family life, emotional drain on spouses, children, and friends.  It can lead to resentment, anger, and other negative emotional feelings. Like any other city in the US, Auburndale, FL has its own problems with drug abuse.

Teen drug use has been on the rise over the past decade.  With social repercussions practically nonexistent, it has become more socially acceptable to partake in drugs such as alcohol, prescription medications, and marijuana.  The primary drug choice in teens is marijuana and prescription drug medications with alcohol being next on the list.

Prescription drug abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

The majority of teens do not think about the risks their drug habits could have.  There are physical and social risks connected to the use of drugs. The emotional risks, such as the disappointment with family and the loss of friends or family members that disapprove of the teen’s drug habit.  There are also other risks involved, such as getting arrested, losing a job, getting expelled or suspended from school.

Social drug use in teens can quickly spread via social media, as more and more teens are finding it “cool” to broadcast their lives publicly, the need to feel like one belongs often evolves into doing things a teen may normally not have done.  If one friend is seen participating in some form of drug activity without any social ramifications, others will soon follow along.  While the social use of drugs is prevalent among all ages and does not always lead to addiction, it can cause serious physical and mental damage or even death amongst teens.

It is important to be able to identify the possible signs of drug abuse and then speak to your teen about the issue. Parents of Auburndale, FL need to know that any sudden changes in behavior, friends, and attitude could mean a drug addiction in their teen.  Other signs to look for are changes in appearance, lack of respect for authority, parents, and other family members, school grades and test scores dropping, a loss of interest in favorite activities, a change in friends, and relationships with family members. If you suspect your teen is using drugs it is important to discuss the matter together as a family.

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