Drug Addiction in Aventura, FL

Drug addiction is a serious condition that affects millions of people each day.  It is a known fact that Florida is a prime state for international drug trafficking.  This has a profound and negative effect on the entire state as these readily available drugs reach far and wide.  The main drugs in Florida are cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, MDMA and marijuana. Because dealer networks are so large, these drugs have become easily available in all parts of the state including Aventura, FL.

Drugs and parafernalia

Drugs and parafernalia

Drug use has become a growing problem in the city.  As drugs become more readily and easily available due to drug trafficking organizations, the city’s citizens have fallen prey to the harmful effects of becoming addicted to drugs.  An increase in crime rates has been associated with rises in the use of these drugs.  This has affected both adults and the city’s youth as it becomes more socially acceptable to not only try drugs, but also actively use them.

Most people start using drugs due to some sort of peer pressure.  Wanting to fit in and feel cool, most teens begin using drugs because they see their friends doing the same without any form of social punishment.  While the cool factor is what gets most teens to start using drugs, it is often genetics and home life that puts them at risk for drug abuse.

Adults generally start using drugs at a very young age or because of problems at work and or at home.  When adults use drugs to try and cover up feelings of sadness or depression they are at a higher risk for addiction.  There is also the social aspect of drug use among adults.  There are some adults who have known someone that uses drugs and have not witnessed any of the negative side effects. This can raise the chance that the adult will sample these drugs putting them at risk for addiction.

Drugs impact our lives and our communities in negative ways.  They can tear families apart, cause unrest, panic, and even fear in our cities. They can cause physical, mental damage, and even death in our loved ones.  The problems caused by drug abuse affect everyone and it is our responsibility as a community to combat the problem.  It is important to recognize the signs of a drug addiction and attempt to stop it before it worsens.

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