Drug Addiction in Avon Park, FL

Drug addiction has been a problem around the world for centuries.  However, with the increase in drug trafficking and the ever-expanding network of drug cartels, drug use has been steadily on the rise.  This means that now every city has a greater risk of being exposed to drug dealers, increased crime rates, increased school dropout rates, and the other effects that drugs cause. This is especially true for the city of Avon Park, FL.

People may start using drugs for many different reasons.  There could be problems at home, with work, friends, their personal lives, they could be suffering from an emotional illness such as depression or anxiety.  Whatever the reason, there are a large number of people who begin using drugs and then quickly become addicted and this number grows every day.

mother with addict daughter

Mother with addict daughter

The use of drugs is unfortunate enough; add into that the horrible side effects and you have a recipe for disaster.  It is not always easy to notice the subtle changes in behavior that happen when a person first starts using drugs.  Often times, by the time people notice the change, the addiction has already formed.  Sudden changes in behavior are key identifiers for victims of drug addiction.  Things such as sudden mood swings, trouble sleeping, anger, a change in friends, the loss of interest in favorite activities.  You may notice items from your home, or money, disappearing.

Drug use too often has a negative impact on the family and friends of the user.  If a teen is the one with the addiction, it may cause a rift between parents as families are torn apart in their attempt to deal with the situation.  If it is a parent with the problem, there may be devastating effects such as job loss, abuse, and divorce.  Addiction often effects work and school life as well. A teen may drop out of school or be suspended or expelled.  An adult could be injured or fired from work.

Drug addiction affects Avon Park, FL as well, as crime rates for thefts and burglaries increase.  These crimes can paint the city with a negative view and have the potential of turning away visitors and new residents.  Drug abuse is a serious illness that affects everyone surrounding the user as well as the community itself. It is important that we all work together to stop the problem.

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