Drug Addiction in Bartow, FL

Teen drug use in Bartow, FL is on the rise as students find it more socially acceptable to begin using drugs such as marijuana and prescription medications in a social manner.  Unfortunately, teens that begin using drugs and are not helped, continue using drugs well into adulthood where the chances of helping them off their addiction diminish.

In the past, the use of drugs was highly frowned upon and the social acceptance of drug users was nearly non-existent. These days, more teens are finding it socially acceptable to not only try out drugs but also continue using them.  They see their friends and classmates at parties doing drugs openly with no consequences; it may seem cool and the norm.  The benefits of drugs, the highs and feelings of euphoria, often precede the negative effects as drug fads among teens quickly come and go.

Illegal prescription drugs

If you are worried about your teen and drug abuse, watch for the following symptoms and changes in behavior.  If your teen suddenly begins missing school, grades are dropping, or if they stop engaging in sports or their favorite activities, they may be using drugs.  If you notice a sudden change in friends and attitude, mood swings, a change in sleeping patterns, then your teen may have an addiction problem.

Teen drug addiction affects not just the teen but the family as well.  As behavior and attitude changes, the teen may have violent and angry outbursts against family members.  Younger siblings may become frightened as their once-loving brother or sister suddenly becomes mean and hateful towards them.  Parents may begin fighting constantly due to the teen’s addiction; this may eventually lead to a separation or divorce.  We see teen drug use can tear families apart at a time when it is important for families to stay strong and stay together.

If your teen is using drugs, it is important to understand why.  While the majority of teens begin using drugs in social situations, others begin for other reasons. Drug addiction can often be caused by depression and anxiety as drugs mask the feelings of sadness and hopelessness associated with the illness. Drug abuse in teens is a serious matter as it can often lead to serious injury or death.  It is important as parents to recognize the sings of addiction and help your teen in the best way possible.

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