Drug Addiction in Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Drugs in Florida are an unfortunate problem as Florida is one of the prime entry points for several different types of drugs.  The Florida drug problem is on the rise as drug networks expand and reach out all over Florida and the rest of the country.  Drug use has touched every part of the state including Bay Harbor Islands, FL.

As an employer in the city it is important to protect yourself against liability claims due to accidents in the workplace.  The majority of accidents in the work placed could have been prevented one way or another and it is important to correctly identify the cause of the accidents.  It is also important for employers to have some sort of drug-free work zone policy in affect.  This may be hard for small business but is even more important for them as they are often the target of drug users for employment.


Drug related accidents could harm not only the person with the drug addiction but other people as well.  This includes accidents involving heavy machinery and parts.  Drug abuse affects everyone surrounding the user, as the functionality of a person on drugs is severely diminished by those drugs making it harder for them to properly perform.  Having a policy against drugs can save you money in personal injury claims, worker’s comp claims, health insurance policies and more.  You can conduct random drug testing if you have a drug policy implemented within your company. This will prevent most users from using while on the job, and also prevent most users from applying for work at your company.

It is important to train any management to identify the signs of drug addiction and help the addict get a Drug Rehabilitation.  It is also imperative for you to be able to identify these signs, as studies have shown that a large number of managers and supervisors have consumed some form of drug or alcohol while on the job.  Drug use at work lowers productivity rates, can cause problems amongst employees, and cost you large amounts of money.

The name and reputation of your company in Bay Harbor Islands, FL is at stake and you put yourself at risk for developing a negative reputation by not having a drug policy and any problems this may cause in the future.  Drug abuse is a huge problem in companies and it is important to protect your company and other employees.

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