Drug Addiction in Brooksville, FL

Cocaine has become the drug of choice for many residents in Brooksville and around the state of Florida. Cocaine, considered a recreational drug, is known by many names among drug users such as coke, snow, lady, flake, gold dust, freebase, and crack. Drug addiction is a serious issue that affects not only the user, but their family, friends, and community.



Cocaine is popular among the younger generation including singles and professionals with extra money to spend. Drug use is rampant in Florida’s nightclubs and among college students. Brooksville alone has 34 colleges in and around the city. The drug has been associated with money, power, and celebrities. Drug abuse affects a variety of people and does not discriminate against age, sex, religion, ethnicity, or social status.

Why is cocaine popular among those suffering from drug addiction? People who abuse cocaine often take the drug to feel its euphoric effect. The feeling is short-lived so people use cocaine again and again to feel its effects. Others take the drug to feel the adrenaline-like rush it gives. It also acts as a stimulant and can suppress appetite.

Most first-time cocaine users will choose to use the drug again. When cocaine is used, the brain becomes stimulated and gives off feelings of pleasure. Cocaine is more stimulating than natural stimulants like food and drink. After a while the user’s body builds up a tolerance and they need to take the drug more often in higher doses to feel the affect they’re craving. The longer the user waits to take the drug, the more intense their cravings.

Family and friends of people who suffer from drug abuse are highly affected. They often feel helpless watching their loved one intentionally hurt themselves. They wake up in the morning and go to bed at night wondering if their loved one is okay. They often wonder if the drug users will end up in jail or even worse, dead. Drug use leads to tension, anxiety, and stress in the family. A good Drug Rehabilitation program will, in most cases, save an addict.

It is not uncommon for cocaine users to shy away from their family, friends, and in some cases their own children. They feel more comfortable around other addicts and choose to be around people who share similar outlooks on using drugs.

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