Drug Addiction in Clermont, FL

Cocaine and Ecstasy are common drugs of choice at raves and in clubs across the state of Florida and are quickly becoming the drugs of choice in cities and towns like Clermont. Ecstasy, though not as addictive as cocaine, is referred to as Dennis the Menace, Beans, Rolls, New Yorkers, Scooby Snacks, Love Doves, Disco Burgers, “X”, Diamonds, Molly, and Adam.

extasy pills

Extasy pills

Drug use involving Ecstasy can lead to accidents and death. People who are under the influence of Ecstasy have lower inhibitions and their sense of right and wrong is altered. Sometimes users mix Ecstasy with alcohol which can be a lethal combination. Some users take pills thinking they are Ecstasy, when in fact the pill is a combination of other drugs. This can wreak havoc on the body.

People who take Ecstasy feel its effects for hours. First they experience a rush followed by calmness. A sensation of well-being surrounds them. They love themselves and those around them. Their drug abuse leads to hallucinations and a sense that everything tastes and looks better. People who want to experience these feelings again and again become addicted.

Cocaine, another popular drug of choice in Clermont, is easy to get on the streets and in the clubs. Florida is a major gateway for cocaine and other drugs. Besides Arizona, California, and Texas, the majority of cocaine coming into the Unites States comes through Florida. Cocaine is readily available in all major cities and trickles down to smaller towns and into communities where it is sold as a recreational drug.

Drug use can lead to arrests, impaired driving, accidents, and death. Children who live with or are raised by adults suffering from drug abuse are more likely to be abused and neglected. Drug addiction is a serious issue and the need to get drugs is often put before family. People on drugs can be easily angered, have mood swings, threaten to hurt others, become paranoid, and do not enjoy things that they used to.

Drug addiction not only effects the children and family of the user, but effects the workplace also. Using drugs at work puts the user and others at risk especially in jobs where impairment can be deadly like bus driving, piloting, and truck driving. The use of drugs in the workplace can lead to economic loss, which leaves an effect on the community.

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