Drug Addiction in Dania Beach, FL

Dania Beach, Florida is experiencing a wave of analgesic drug addiction. Analgesics are commonly referred to as pain pills and come in the form of both narcotic and non-narcotic medications. Both are available over the counter and through prescriptions. Types of narcotic pain pills include morphine, Oxycodone, and Percocet. Some non-narcotic types are aspirin and acetaminophen. All are considered pain killers.



Dania Beach is home to several pain clinics that routinely disperse pain medication. Not all pain medication is taken as prescribed resulting in a large number of it ending up on the streets, then into the hands of drug dealers whose sole intention is to sell the drugs for a profit. This is helping to fuel Florida’s drug use problem. Online pharmacies are also contributing to the availability and ease of access to pain pills for non-prescribed uses.

Drug abuse does not discriminate and affects many people. Teens and retirees are highly susceptible to drug addiction involving pain pills. Peer pressure and curiosity amongst teens leads to drug experimentation and eventually addiction. Pill parties are becoming more and more popular. Teens gather together bringing whatever pills they can get their hands on. They toss them into a bowl, “sharing” their drugs, and then take several pills or a handful at a time.

The consequences of pill parties can be disastrous. Some pain pills interact with one another causing severe and sometimes deadly reactions. Overdoses are common and can be fatal. Pill parties also lead to lower inhibitions, crime, violence, and impaired driving which not only puts the drug abuser in danger but those around them as well.

Drug abuse regarding pain pills is on the rise amongst retirees. Most users who fit into this category begin by taking pain medications that have been prescribed to them as they were intended. Over a period of time their bodies build up a tolerance to the medication, leaving them with an urge to take more in order to feel the medications affects. This can also lead to illegal drug use because the person taking them feels that he or she can not function without the medication.

Drug usage and addiction not only affects the user and those closest to them, but can have a negative affect on the city as well. Drug related violence and crimes go up making neighborhoods and streets a lot less safe.

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