Drug Addiction in Clewiston, FL

Alcohol and painkillers can be highly addictive. Alcohol addictions are known to run in families. Those suffering from this particular drug addiction can not stop themselves from drinking. They can not limit themselves to one beer or cocktail at dinner or at a party. The younger generation, especially males, who have alcoholic parents and grandparents, are more prone to becoming addicted to alcohol.

Drug abuse, alcohol included, is often the result of people trying to escape the pressure and stressors of everyday life. Culture, family, friends, peer pressure, and way of life can all lead up to alcoholism. Abuse of alcohol can lead to crime, murder, impaired driving, accidental death, and suicide. Clewiston, Florida is not immune to these affects. Alcohol and painkillers are becoming the drugs of choice in this community.

Different kinds of Alcohol

Different kinds of Alcohol

Painkillers are a reoccurring theme among drug users. Drug use regarding painkillers is common among people who are 65 or younger and who have a history of drug abuse. When people stop taking painkillers for medical reasons and start taking them for pleasure, they are addicted. Drug addiction, including both alcohol and painkillers, is the result of the user building up a tolerance over time. The user needs alcohol and painkillers to feel good. Their cravings become intense and they need to drink more and take more pills to feel their affects.

The use of drugs has a negative affect in the workplace not only in Clewiston, Florida, but throughout the United States. Employees who are under the influence have impaired judgment and think they can take on more tasks than they can handle. They are forgetful, careless, and lose sense of time, distance, and space which can all hinder safety.

Those who are addicted are prone to be late for work if they show up at all. This can lead to loss of employment putting a financial strain on family and home life. The company’s productivity, safety, and coworkers are affected.

Coworkers are forced to pick up the slack and take on extra responsibilities to meet deadlines and keep productivity moving. Overall moral is down and the sense of teamwork is affected. The use of drugs in the workplace can lead to fines, loss of contracts, and a soiled reputation for companies.

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