Drug Addiction in Cocoa Beach, FL

Opiate drug abuse is common among teens in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Opiates are considered a narcotic and can be very addictive especially amongst impressionable teenagers. Morphine, codeine, heroin, hydrocodone, and oxycodone are just a few of the opiates associated with drug use.

Opiates reduce pain and help people to relax and fall asleep. These factors all lead to drug addiction after a long period of use. The user’s body builds up a tolerance to opiates over a period of time. In order to fall asleep or relax, users need the drug. After a while popping a few pills here and there no longer works so the user increases their intake. Not all addiction comes in the form of excess use. Some users become dependant on a drug being prescribed to them while only taking it as directed.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

Opiate use among teens is up, not only in Cocoa Beach, Florida but throughout the country and around the world. A common misconception about opiates is that they are safe because they are a prescribed medication. This is not true because drug abuse leads to financial and family issues as well as short and long term health problems, accidents, and death.

Families can be destroyed as a result of a loved one’s drug addiction. Parents of teens who suffer with drug use can feel anger and guilt in heavy doses. They are angry because this should not be happening to their child and they should have known better. They feel guilt because they feel they should have done more to educate their children against doing drugs and feel that somehow this is their fault. It is painful for parents to watch their children intentionally hurt themselves and feel helpless.

Children who have parents that use drugs can also be severely affected. They feel as though their childhood has been taken away. It is common for these children to take over the responsibilities of their parents. They do the cooking and cleaning and take over the care of siblings. Often times they become withdrawn, their school work and social life suffers. Children of addicted parents are embarrassed and do not want people to know what is going on. They stop having friends over and stop going to friends houses.

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