Drug Addiction in Cooper City, FL

Drug abuse is a growing problem throughout the state of Florida. In Cooper City the illegal use of prescription drugs is on the rise. These drugs are easy to get in schools and on the streets. As prescription drug use rises, so does the demand. This has an affect on the community because more drugs are being pumped into neighborhoods.

Prescription drugs are readily available in part because doctors are becoming more lax about writing prescriptions. Drug and insurance companies are making more money than ever and are encouraging doctors to prescribe their drugs. It’s easy for most to type in “online pharmacy” into any internet search engine and have multiple pages pop up offering easy solutions to supply their drug addiction.

Illegal prescription drugs

Illegal prescription drugs

Some users resort to “doctor hopping,” which means they go from doctor to doctor complaining of the same ailments, most of which are made up, in order to get prescription drugs. This means going to different cities and sometimes out of state. For teens especially, finding prescription medications to fuel their drug use can be as simple as opening the medicine cabinet in their own homes. Visiting grandparents or the elderly often turns into a scavenger hunt for pills. It is common for the elderly to be prescribed lots of different medications to deal with pain, disease, and the effects of aging.

Stealing drugs leads to mistrust and tension among families. Parents and grandparents have to hide their medications or lock them up. Drug addiction is an expensive habit, so not just teens but all drug users are prone to stealing money to soothe their cravings. Money is stolen from wallets and jewelry and household items are pawned all to feed the users habit.

Drug abuse can affect an entire community like Cooper City, Florida. Besides the fact that using, possessing, buying, and selling drugs is illegal, the overall crime rate goes up. A drug user will turn to stealing and violence in order to get the drugs their body craves. A person under the influence of prescription medication can become drowsy and have impaired judgment. People driving under the influence are not in control. They run stop signs and red lights, drive on the wrong side of the road and speed. This leads to accidents and deaths that could have been avoided.

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