Drug Addiction in Dade City, FL

Dade City, Florida is in the midst of a new drug trend. Cocaine, heroin, and more recently, prescription medications and opioids are the popular drugs of choice when it comes to drug addiction. Apparently, using a single drug is no longer enough for some addicts. The new trend involves mixing street drugs with prescription medications.

This movement has led to an increase in drug use and drug-related accidents and fatalities. It is more common for adults to take part in this trend than adolescents.  Drug addiction is an expensive habit to feed but cocaine, heroin, and prescription medications are easy to find for those who know where to look.



Opioids are known to give users a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Some users feel sedated after taking the drugs. These factors all lead to drug abuse and addiction. Males from ages 20 to 29 have a higher risk of becoming addicted to opioids.

People living in Dade City, Florida and around the country are well aware of drunk driving and its consequences, but what about drugged driving? This is a term that is slow to catch on in the American culture, but more and more automobile accidents, injuries, and deaths are the result of someone driving under the influence of drugs.

Opioid, cocaine, and heroin drug use before or while driving can lead to impaired judgment, slow reaction time, drowsiness, confusion, and loss of consciousness. Drugged driving is dangerous and affects not only the driver, but passengers, others on the roadway, and pedestrians. Teens are more at risk for drugged driving and are involved in an alarming rate of drug induced accidents.

The number of accidents caused by drug abuse and drugged driving has increased steadily over the years. People are starting to pay more attention to drugs and are putting a bigger emphasis on drugged driving rather then focusing solely on drunk driving. It is proving to be a lot harder to combat drugged driving then drunk driving.

Drugged driving can lead to a minor fender bender in a fast food parking lot because of driver inattention or a more serious accident where the driver falls asleep at the wheel going eighty miles an hour down the interstate, crashes into a guard rail, rolls over, and kills himself and all passengers in the vehicle.

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