Drug Addiction in Destin, FL

Drug use goes beyond the scope of marijuana, cocaine, and prescription medications. Drug addiction involving steroids is an increasing problem in not only Destin, but in other cities and towns across Florida. Steroids are typically stereo typed as a “Body Builders” drug. However, this is not true.

Steroid drug abuse among teens, especially males, is growing in popularity. Male adolescents begin taking steroids in hopes to gain muscle and build their physiques. The train of thought behind their steroid use is that they will have an advantage when playing sports like football, hockey, and wrestling. They want an easier way to become stronger and faster than their opponents.

injectable drugs

Injectable drugs

For the most part, steroids are illegal in the United States. Major League sports teams have cracked down on the use of steroids and amped up steroid testing to keep the playing field fair. Some steroids are prescribed for medical issues like osteoporosis, anemia, and delayed puberty. Unfortunately, this can lead to drug addiction in some people.

Steroid drug use negatively affects the user both mentally and physically. While taking steroids in addition to working out which can help build muscle and stamina, it can also leads to vomiting, ulcers, liver and kidney damage, and heart attacks among other wise healthy teens. Teens addicted to steroids often become aggressive and have a hard time controlling their anger.

Most people who have heard of steroids are familiar with the term “roid rage.” Steroids increase testosterone levels in the body. Too much testosterone can lead to manias, depression, hallucinations, and aggressive behavior, all of which can lead to problems in the classroom and at home. Teens suffering from steroid drug abuse lose the ability to stay calm in stressful situations. They are prone to angry outbursts in the classroom against teachers and classmates, and even their own family. Teens who are addicted to steroids can lash out verbally or violently making the home environment unsafe and a scary place for siblings.

Not only in Destin, Florida but around the United States, steroid addiction is contributing to a large percentage of the illegal drug usage. Many users who are addicted to steroids seek out other drugs to combat its side affects and quickly become addicted to those as well.

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