Drug Addiction in Edgewater, FL

Drug addiction in Edgewater, Florida is a problem in the community. Methamphetamine, commonly known on the streets as speed, meth, chalk, ice, crystal, crank, and glass, is easily produced. Drug dealers scour pharmacies and other bulk stores often sending out groups of people to different locations, to buy over the counter medications to make methamphetamine at home. They then turn around and supply it to those suffering from drug abuse on the streets.

Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth

Drug use involving methamphetamine contains a high risk of addiction. For the user, meth provides them with a rush of pleasure almost immediately after taking the drug. The rush does not last very long and leaves the user wanting more. Tolerance among methamphetamine users builds up quickly and leads to increased drug use, binging, and drug addiction.

Meth leads to increases in activity, an inability/need for sleep, and a decrease in appetite. Life for many suffering from meth drug abuse revolves around preventing the “crash.” The crash is when the user comes off his/her rush and has an intense craving for the pleasurable feelings associated with the rush.

Chronic users or high-intensity users, people who have used meth for a long period of time and who use it often, experience violent behavior, anxiety, confusion, and insomnia, all of which can lead to hallucinations, paranoia, and uncontrollable rage. High-intensity users “tweak” when coming down from a rush. This is when they are most unpredictable and short tempered.

Children and spouses of people addicted to meth often lead stressful, violent, and unpredictable lives themselves. The user is solely focused on where and how they can get their next supply of meth. Law enforcement officers in Edgewater, Florida are extremely susceptible to the violent outbursts of meth users. During the “crash” meth users become very agitated and will take out their frustrations on anyone who gets in their way. The threat of arrest does little to deter them.

In communities where meth addiction is high, drug induced accidents, violence, and crime goes up. Meth users have been known to stay up for periods as long as three to fifteen days. A lack of sleep coupled with other side affects can turn simple every day tasks like driving into very dangerous sometimes fatal situation.

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