Drug Addiction in Eustis, FL

When people hear the words drug addiction they usually think of street drugs like crack and marijuana perhaps prescription medications. What about alcohol?

Alcoholism is a widespread problem throughout many cities and towns including Eustis, Florida. Alcoholism leads to other forms of drug use, impaired judgments, violence, crime, unwanted pregnancies, accidents, and death. The toll alcoholism can take on a family is often immeasurable and its affects can be felt for a lifetime. Children who grow up in a home with an alcoholic are very susceptible to becoming alcoholics themselves.

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Alcoholic drug abuse can have devastating affects on children, even unborn ones. When a pregnant woman drinks, alcohol is passed along to her baby. The more the woman drinks during her pregnancy, the higher the risk the baby will be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Babies born with FAS can suffer from brain damage, physical/mental retardation, and facial abnormalities.

Children who grow up with an alcoholic parent sometimes think their parents drug addiction is somehow their fault. Maybe if they got better grades, did their chores without being asked, or helped out more around the house their parents would be normal.

Children raised around drug use live with low self-esteem, guilt, feelings of loneliness, depression, fear of abandonment, anxiety, and stress. At school, these children have a hard time making friends and developing relationships with their teachers. They feel different, unwanted, and out of place. Not all children can and will out grow these feelings and qualities.

Spouses of people who suffer from alcoholic drug abuse experience high levels of stress and anxiety. Alcoholism leads to divorce in many families. The sober spouse takes on most of the responsibilities and child rearing. Alcoholism can lead to feelings of resentment and even abuse. An emotional and financial strain is put on the family and codependency develops.

The sober spouse, sometimes out of codependency or embarrassment will lie for the alcoholic spouse. They make excuses to family and friends trying to explain the behavior of the alcoholic spouse and even lie to employers to explain unusual behavior and absenteeism.

Though alcoholism can be present in any age group in Eustis, Florida, it is most common among middle aged people.  Alcohol, when abused over a long period of time can have both mentally and physically devastating affects on the body.

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