Drug Addiction in Fernandina Beach, FL

Hallucinogens, an illegal street drug commonly referred to as LSD, acid, twenty-five, Sid, Bart Simpson’s, barrels, tabs, blotter, heavenly blue, L, liquid, liquid a, paper acid, sugar, and sugar lumps among many other names, is having an effect on Fernandina Beach, Florida. Drug use involving hallucinogens can lead to hallucinations and distortions.

The five senses, feel, smell, taste, sight, and sound can become distorted. Things that are not really there appear out of no where. Lights become brighter, noises louder, and smell more profound. This is what a hallucinogen user refers to as “tripping”. Hallucinogens can be both natural as in mushrooms or man made as in LSD. Drug addiction amongst hallucinogen users is not as common as it is among other drug users whose drugs of choice may include marijuana or heroin.

People often take hallucinogens out of curiosity or peer pressure. Drug abuse among college aged students is common in and around the Fernandina Beach area. Most engage in this type of drug use to experience a change in sensory perception, altered perceptions, distortions, relaxation, and euphoria.

LSD information booklet

LSD information

Drug abuse involving hallucinogens has its negative and sometimes disturbing side effects. Heart beat may increase, blood pressure rises, the user becomes agitated, body temperature fluctuates leading to sweating and/or chills, anxiety, panic, hallucinations, paranoia, dizziness, impaired coordination, nausea, and vomiting are common symptoms. A user who experiences most or all of these negative side effects has what is called a “bad trip.”

Bad trips lead to severe panic and dangerous behavior. The user feels an uncontrollable need to get away from a distressing hallucination and may resort to running into traffic or jumping out of a window to do so. This often leads to serious injury or death.

Driving while under the influence of hallucinogens is very dangerous. The user may see objects in the roadway that aren’t really there or think a car that is fast approaching is miles away. This again leads to accidents, serious injury, and death.

Drug addiction amongst hallucinogenic users in Florida and around the country is not common. These drugs are usually taken sporadically and in social situations. Withdrawals after a one time use of the drug can be strong and last for days. Flashbacks can occur for years after use.

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