Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana abuse is a big concern in many areas of the country. Also called weed, smoke, chronic, pot, and many other names, marijuana is considered a gateway drug, and is often one of the first drugs used. Marijuana is a plant which grows, and it has widespread use. Some users cultivate their own marijuana, growing the plants in secret indoor spaces and hidden outdoor areas, while others who have marijuana abuse issues buy the drug from friends, family members, and street dealers. Marijuana comes in varying potency as well, so that each plant may have a different level of the THC content as well. THC is the active ingredient which causes the user to get high, and the reason that the drug is used.


Marijuana buds

Marijuana Abuse Signs And Symptoms

Marijuana abuse causes some common signs and symptoms which are detectable when the user is high and under the influence of the drug. Eyes which are red and bloodshot Can be a common sign that marijuana abuse is occurring.  A lack of motivation, the urge to eat which is often referred to as the munchies, and constant tiredness and sleeping a lot are all signs of marijuana abuse, and should be checked out thoroughly. Often the individual with marijuana abuse problems may become secretive, and may often need money to buy the drug. If the user is still in school their grades may drop and their attendance may become poor. Marijuana abuse may have a distinctive smell as well, because the drug is usually smoked and may leave a pungent odor behind.

The Effects Of Marijuana

The use of marijuana causes certain effects in the user.  These can include a feeling of euphoria, a warmness or tingling, tiredness, a lack of inhibition, and others. With marijuana abuse the user may stop caring about the usual activities and friends and may start to associate with a different peer group instead. Excessive tiredness, sleeping a lot during the day, eating constantly, and no desire to be active in anything other common effects that are caused by marijuana abuse.

Marijuana Health Issues

There are a number of health concerns with marijuana abuse, and many of these can have serious consequences.  The use of marijuana can cause certain types of cancer when the drug is smoked, including lung cancer due to higher levels of tar and other harmful ingredients which affect the lungs.  Marijuana abuse over the long term can also cause chronic memory loss and a failure to succeed, or even to cope with daily life at times. Marijuana abuse can also lead to addiction, as well as other health and medical problems.

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