Drug Addiction In Hollywood, Florida

Drug Addiction in Hollywood FL

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Drug abuse and addiction can happen in Hollywood, Florida, the same way that this problem can occur in other cities and states. There are many reasons why a person may choose to use drugs, and each user will have different reasons for why they started. For some it may be because they are a runaway or street kid with no home or family, and drug use allows them to escape the harsh reality of life on the streets. Drug use may also occur because the individual feels a need to be accepted or fit in with the group. Even prescription drugs  can lead to drug abuse and addiction in some situations.

Drug Use Among Street Kids And Runaways

Runaways and street kids are numerous in Hollywood, Florida, and the drug use among these groups is high. Often the individual will try drugs as an escape from their hard life on the streets, and once the drug use starts then addiction is often quick to follow. Many of these individuals ran away from abusive homes, or were abandoned by their parents. Drug use starts slow, but eventually becomes an addiction before the user even realizes that there is a problem.

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Drug Abuse And The Need To Be Accepted And Fit In

In some cases of drug abuse in Hollywood, FL the initial drug use starts with peer pressure, and a need by the individual to be part of the group and fit in. The user may try drugs once or twice because friends or peers are urging them to, and then the drug use becomes more frequent until it becomes an addiction. Drug use may also occur because the individual feels isolated or alone, and instead of taking steps to build a support system or make friends the user turns to drugs as a crutch and a way to fill empty hours.

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Prescription Drugs Are Misused

Drug addiction in Hollywood, Florida, can start with a prescription for a drug that might be medically needed. Many prescription drugs are also narcotics, and they can be abused just like illegal street drugs. If the individual has severe pain or other medical conditions then a prescription may be given. Once the user starts taking the drug an addiction may occur, especially if the use occurs over a long time period.

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