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Drug Abuse And Workplace Accidents In Davie, Florida

Drug abuse is a big cause of workplace accidents and injuries, and these can be very varied and range from mild to severe or even fatal in Davie, Florida, and other areas. The incidents and accidents that can occur will depend in part on exactly what job is being done. Obviously a clerical office job is not the same as a manufacturing job with dangerous equipment, but any workplace can become dangerous with drug use and abuse, as many employers and employees in Davie, Florida, have found out. Drug abuse interferes with decision-making abilities and reflexes, as well as many other parts and senses of the body.

Slips, Falls, And Cuts Due To Drug Use

No Drugs

No Drugs

In Davie, Florida, many employers reported cuts, slips, and falls, as the most common accidents due to drug abuse when it comes to those which were considered minor and not seriously dangerous in most cases. Slip and falls are common with drug users, because of the high, which may cause the user to stumble and fall down, getting hurt in the process. Cuts are also a common problem with employees who are using drugs. The employee may have a problem with perception or just be clumsy because of the drug use, and the end result can often be a cut or gaping wound that needs stitches

Serious Injuries That Drug Abuse Can Cause In The Workplace

Some of the workplace injuries that have occurred in Davie, Florida, have been of a more serious nature, and this is true in the rest of the country as well. Drug abuse can lead to broken bones, severe head injuries from machinery and falling items, and in some occupations the risks are even greater. Construction workers high in the air on scaffolding need perfect balance, and a two or three story fall may have serious consequences if the user survives the fall. Months or more can be spent in the hospital recovering from serious injuries because of drug use on the job.

Fatal Accidents: An Employee With Drug Abuse Issues Is Dangerous

There have been fatal workplace accidents in Davie, Florida, and this is devastating for all the employees and community. Drug abuse can cause the user to lose track of things, and forget important safety rules and procedures. Although workplace drug use leading to fatal injuries is rare in Davie, Florida, they are not unknown.

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