Drugs in Daytona Beach, FL

The Effects of Drug Abuse on Employers in Daytona Beach, Florida

Drug abuse can have a major impact on employers, and in Daytona Beach, Florida many employers have been outspoken about the true costs of drug use in employees. A company in this city may pay a higher rate for health insurance, accident insurance, and even property insurance if there is drug use on the property. Drug abuse also causes attendance and productivity problems. There is also the cost of potential lawsuits when injuries or accidents are the result of drug use in the workplace. Drug abuse costs employers in the state of Florida millions of dollars each year in lost productivity and compensation costs for injuries on the job.

Higher Business and Insurance Costs Due To Drug Use in the Workplace

In Daytona Beach, Florida, just like many other cities and states, employers will pay higher costs if they do not take all the needed steps to ensure a drug free workplace. This is one of the biggest reasons that employers test all new hires for drug use before offering unconditional employment. Drug use on the job can lead to safety risks and thefts, as well as the potential for workplace violence. Some companies may go so far as to give psychological tests as well. These steps are taken to protect both the employers and the employees, because an employee who uses drugs is a danger to everyone at the workplace.

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Many kinds of prescription drugs

Productivity Problems with Workplace Drug Abuse

One big way that drug abuse in Daytona Beach, Florida, affects employers is with a productivity loss. Employees who are using drugs are not as productive in a number of ways. They are not as quick and they may have problems focusing or following procedures. These employees also have attendance problems usually, because of the drug abuse, and this leads to even more loss in the production area of the business. An employer may lose a significant amount of money in training as well when it is discovered that an employee has drug use issues.

Accidents, Injuries and Legal Issues in Daytona Beach, Florida

Workplace injuries and accidents from drug abuse are a common occurrence in Daytona Beach, Florida, and for employers this may lead to legal gray areas. Some employees in Florida and other states have sued employers because of injuries caused by drug use, and in a few cases these lawsuits have been successful. Often Worker’s compensation will not pay for these injuries because drug use was considered the cause, but employers may be put into the position of being responsible if the lawsuit is successful. For this reason it is important that an employer weed out drug abuse among employees as quickly as possible, to protect all the employees in the workplace.

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